Field of Experiences for the Senses – An adventure for all of your senses

»Amazement, discovery, experimentation and experiences« is the motto for the Field of Experiences for all the Senses in Nuremberg. The activity course for perception with all senses is located near the main train station, yet in the midst of nature. Its concept is based on ideas by the educationalist Hugo Kükelhaus. Visitors of the Field of Experiences for all the Senses can explore the interaction of their own senses, the surprising phenomenon of physics, and the laws of nature at over 100 stations in a playful way – experience natural sciences hands-on! The focus is always on experiencing and doing things on your own, whether it pertains to an experiment, exercise or game. The stations are manned by trained staff that will explain the offerings to you as well as give support and guidance.  

Every year, the Field of Experiences for all the Senses devotes itself to a new key topic, thereby surprising its visitors with imaginative stations and a diverse programme.

With our changing yearly topics, visitors have been drawn into the “world of colours”, for example, or our most important tools „hand and foot“, or learning about the four elements.  

In addition to the respective topic of focus, “classic” offers such as the baking station, the dark café, the sound room and the climbing forest are available.

Our calendar of events offers a special event for almost every day: Workshops, creative offers, theatre, lectures and presentations, etc.

Our academy offers seminars, workshops, and guided tours on specific topics, as well as individual further education opportunities at the Field of Experiences for all the Senses or as in-house training for companies and educational facilities.  

The Field of Experiences for all the Senses is appropriate for all age groups, starting at 3 years of age. For some offers, however, the minimum age may be somewhat higher.


Nürnberg Kultuhauptstadt 2025


Zelt auf dem Erfahrungsfeld / © Stadt Nürnberg/Erfahrungsfeld

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